I enjoy woodworking and have a variety of tools set up in my garage/shop. I have used them to build the layout seen on this site, a full kitchen for good friends and am currently using them to build our Sn3 Club Layout which will be on display at shows and conventions.



What makes Decoder Installation Services different than other DCC installation sources?

The major difference is that I do all of the installations myself, rather than hiring others to do it for me.

Do you install DCC mobile or sound decoders in brass locomotives?

Yes! In fact, it is my specialty. Over half of the installations I have done have been in brass locomotives.

I’ve been told that the locomotive I want a decoder installed in is difficult to convert to DCC. Would you be willing to do the job?

Absolutely! Prospective customers have been referred to me numerous times with, “if it can be done, Kenny can do it”.

Will you inspect my model prior to converting it to DCC?

Yes! All models are inspected prior to installation to verify the model is suitable for DCC operation. If the model is not going to run well on DCC, I will not do the conversion.

Do you offer a guarantee on the work you perform?

Yes! A more detailed explanation is available on my Warranty page.

Do I need to acquire the decoder I want installed before shipping the model to you?

No. I am an authorized dealer for most major brands of DCC products.

Do you offer discounts on mobile and sound decoders?

Yes. I discount mobile and sound decoders 10% off of the MSRP. In addition, I pay for the return shipping via FedEx Ground when the decoder to be installed is purchased from me.

Do I need to send payment to you when I send the model?

No. I like to do things the “old-fashioned way”, accepting payment upon completion of the work.

How will I know the final cost of the installation?

I will email an invoice to you upon completion of the work.

Can you provide a cost estimate for the conversions before I send the models to you?

Yes. I will provide a good faith estimate of the conversion cost based on the information you provide. The accuracy of my quote is largely dependent on the amount of information you can provide about the model.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept MasterCard, Visa, money orders, personal checks and cash. In the case of personal checks, shipment of models will be delayed until the check has cleared the bank. Please do not mail cash.

I am confident my model can be converted to DCC; however, it is in need of repair. Do you do repair work?

Yes. I do things like motor replacement, drive linkage and drive-train repair and soldering, in the case of brass locomotives, to name a few. I do not do paint work.

I would like some other upgrades on my models. What upgrades can you provide?

Upgrades I have done in the past include replacing motors, gears and wheelsets as well as adding operating knuckle couplers.

What is your turnaround time?

All installations are done in the order received. Average turnaround time for DCC work is 90 days.