I have used command control to run my layouts since the late 1980s. My first system was Dynatrol, but I quickly moved to DCC after it became available because of its flexibility and numerous options.

Custom Layout


The entire layout, including the cabinets, was built by me in my shop. The cabinets are made of 3/4" red oak plywood with solid Appalachian red oak face frames, doors and drawer faces. A friend who is a professional artist did the scenery and painted the backdrop.  


Custom layouts are avaiable.

This is the ultimate in home office furniture. In this view you can see the computer workstation on the left. The lower sets of doors on the right have horizontal filing cabinets behind them. The upper doors on the left have pull out drawers behind them for general storage. The upper doors on the right conceal the dcc system as well as a drawer for off layout car storage. Above the layout are display cabinets for static models. The drawers to the right of the computer are for files and office supplies. The small one in the middle is actually a pullout work surface for both office use as well as a nice work surface for modeling.


A nice view of the locomotive service facilities. You can also see the small town area in the background.


small car storage yard

To the right of the service facilities is a small car storage yard. Capacity is about 25–30 HO freight cars depending on size.


freight depot

Continuing to the right, you will find a fuel and oil dealership, a manufacturing business and the freight depot. A track gang is busy with repairs in the foreground on the left.



A highway repair crew is busy at work as a Southern Pacific Black Widow F unit is arriving on the mainline. Note the hand painted backdrop which features plenty of detail to enhance the layout without drawing your eyes away from the train.


local switcher

The local switcher is spotting a refrigerator car at the citrus packing facility while a local freight arrives lead by a SP Black Widow. The feed mill is next on the list to be switched.


large sample 2

Another view of the citrus packing facility as well as the passenger station. Note that the backdrop follows a six inch radius curve behind the citrus packing facility as it transitions toward the front edge of the layout.


model collection

The layout features a display cabinet for the owner's model collection. The large door below the glass shelving allows access to the underside of the layout in the turntable and locomotive servicing area. It doubles as a great storage area.