I earned my Private Pilot’s License in a single engine airplane in May of 2001. The aircraft I flew was a PA-28 Piper Cherokee. I received my Instrument Rating in a single engine airplane in July of 2003. My instrument training was done in both a Cessna 172 and a Piper Cherokee.

What's New


A Decoder Installation Services exclusive product!

Decoder Installation Services has set the new standard for plugs between a locomotive and tender. Our new plug assembly has four pins and features a high strand count copper wire with a super flexible casing. The coupling measures a mere .070" square by 7mm in length when coupled. Wire leads are 12" long form each terminal, for a total of 24", allowing for enough wire to do virtually any installation without splices.


loco with exclusive plug

Can you see our new plug in this image? Scroll down for detailed views.



In this photo, you can see the two halves of the plug installed in a PBL Sn3 K-27 Locomotive. Notice the gold-plated contacts.



In this view, the plug halves have been joined and are resting where they would during normal operation.



Notice how our exclusive plug assembly, with its ultra small size, blends in nicely with the model and is hardly noticeable.



In this view, you can see our exclusive plug installed on the model pictured next to some plugs by other manufacturers. The two plugs nearest the model feature four pins. The third plug assembly is a popular two pin version and is larger than our four pin plug. The wire on the two pin plug is lacking in flexibility, which can lead to derailments and fouling of wheelsets during operation.



In this view, our exclusive plug is laying alongside other two and four pin plugs. The dime in the foreground gives a great size reference.