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You can configure your installation job using our Cost Estimators. It will walk you through various components available for your project. Click the link below for the correct locomotive type:

Cost Estimator – Steam Locomotive

Cost Estimator – Diesel Locomotive


DCC Basic Installation:

Including our exclusive Multi-Point Inspection for Reliability and Compatability,
DCC Component Recommendation, New Light Bulbs* (18V - Low Temp. or 1.5V), Locomotive Tune-Up, Re-Lubrication and Return Shipping and insurance (up to $500.00) via FedEx Ground. **Addl. Insurance Available.
For HO / N / S Scale Brass Locomotives add $40.00
For O & G Scale Plastic Locomotives add $20.00
For O & G Scale Brass Locomotives add $95.00
For DCC Sound Installations (HO & Larger) add $40.00
For N DCC Sound Installation (where possible) add $60.00
For Frame Milling / Grinding (DCC Decoder Only or Speaker Only) add $25.00
For Frame Milling / Grinding (DCC Decoder and Speaker) add $50.00
For Plugs, Per Pin, Including Parts add $5.00
(Note: Light bulbs are usually not replaced in factory-new brass locomotives)  


Great Locomotive Additions

Dual 1.5V Bulbs In Fixture, Firebox Lighting each $10.00
Cam Kit Installation, Lighted Number Boards, Marker Lights, Rotary Beacon, Plus Parts each $15.00
Ditch Lights, Plus Parts each end $20.00


Installation Accessories

Soundtraxx Exhaust Cam Set $9.00
16 x 35 MM Speaker $12.15
20 x 40 MM Speaker $12.15
1.1 x 1.57" Speaker $12.15
.80" Round Speaker $8.96
1.5" Round Speaker $8.05
.59" Round Speaker $8.96
Speaker Enclosures, Prices Range From $3.60 to $9.95

DCC Components and Discounts

I extend a 10% discount off of the price of most DCC components that I sell, including decoders, speakers, enclosures and a variety of other DCC installation accessories.


I do not stock systems, however, I will special-order one for you at up to 25% off. Call or email for quote.


Payment Options

For your convenience, I accept MasterCard, Visa, personal checks, cashier checks and money orders.

Payment is required prior to return shipment of models.


For personal checks, please allow ten days before models will be shipped.


Return Shipping

Shipping is done via FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested. Return shipping and $500.00 insurance per model is included in the above listed prices for DCC installations. For additional insurance, please specify an amount. I will calculate the difference in insurance costs and charge the additional amount when I invoice you.


Click here for Decoder Installation Order form.


Installation pricing includes free shipping via FedEx Ground when we provide the decoder(s).


Prices subject to change without notice.